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About Mustafa Quran Center - Online Quran Center for Kids & Adults in USA - UK - Australia

About Mustafa Quran Center

About Mustafa Quran Center
About Mustafa Quran Center

Mustafa Academy is an online Education Division, which provides online Islamic Education to the whole Muslim world. We, as Muslims, are deeply concern with the younger generation of Muslims. We want to provide a platform that can easily resolve today’s Muslim istiqamat over Islam.

As a leading online Islamic Madrassa we try to cover the following modules of the Holy Quran:

  • How to Recite the Quran
  • Learn Quran with Tajweed
  • Learn Quran with word by word Translation
  • Memorization of Quran
  • Islamic Studies
  • Masnoon Duas.

We offer all the above courses under the guidance of expert, skilled, professional teachers. These teachers are truly practicing Islam in their life and they know how to teach students and make them role models.

Our Vision:

Mustafa Academy is a dedicated center for Quran. We all need our life to be dedicated to the purpose of Islam and that all new, young, and old Muslims take Islam as a role model. We desire all Muslims to practice Islam in their life. Implementing in life should be the biggest motive for all Muslims.  Unfortunately, we are lacking in this modern time, where, we need the Imaan the most.

Every Muslim should feel the importance of Quran recitation and practicing it in their life. Our aim is to make every Muslim capable of implementing Quran Teaching in their life. Because only those people are successful in life hereafter who follows the teaching of Islam. We want that, through our platform Islamic teaching should be reached to each and every corner of this world. Usually, we mainly focus on the areas where there are hardly any Islamic centers, or if there is any it is so far that everyone cannot access it, or people are so busy to physically visit the Islamic centers.  All the regions of the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other Western Countries covered by Us.

Our aim is to make people learn Quran from their school age. We want that our next generation should be capable enough to understand good and bad deeds. The deeds in which Allah has promised for Jannah and the deeds in which Allah has promised the torment of Hell-Fire.

By the Grace of Allah SWT, Muslims across the globe are benefiting from our services and utilizing the opportunity to learn Quran online. We have hundreds of satisfied students, which is because of our performance and credibility.

Why Us

We have certain Qualities through which you will prefer us

  1. Well known
    We are the leading online institute for Quran recitation.
  2. 24/7
    We are available 24/7. To help all those who need a true and authentic learning of Islam.
  3. Friendly Environment of learning
    We work in a friendly environment where we welcome all students to ask their doubts and they feel comfortable talking to us.
  4. Online classes
    We are just a click away. You do not need to travel a great distance.
  5. 1 to 1 Teaching for all students
    We give individual attention to every student either kid or adult for delivering the best education.
  6. Free Trial classes.
    We offer three days of free trial classes to the students.

Our Tutors:

We have taken the responsibility of providing Islamic Education to the world. We have one of the best tutors in the world. Their selection is made from religious morals and educational background. We have a proper recruitment process and they go through the process of professional testing based on Tajweed, Quran recitation, and communication skills. They can speak several languages. They provide one-to-one training to the students and promised to facilitate them with the best Islamic Education. The main features of the tutors include:

  • Fully Trained in Arabic and several languages.
  • Highly Educated and Experienced in Quranic and Islamic Teachings.
  • Huffaz tutors for the Quran memorization class
  • Completely aware of Tajweed rules.
  • Both Male and Female Tutors