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Masnoon Duas is an important part of all Muslims day to day life. We make students learn Masnoon Duas with translations in Hindi, Urdu, and English. Simultaneously, we teach its translation and meaning of Duas. We cover all Duas lengthy or short i.e. Dua e Hajat, Razan, After namaz, Entering and exiting washroom, etc. We are available for all students all over the world especially those living in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other Western Countries.

Masnoon Duas in Urdu & English

Learning daily supplications are necessary for every Muslim man and woman especially we should make kids used to it. They must practice supplications in day-to-day life. Masnoon Duas are an integral part of all Muslim kids, adults, old and young. It is a sunnah of our beloved prophet (PBUH). These Duas keep shaitan away from us and put Barakat in our day-to-day tasks. By barakah, we mean Allah puts Khair in the task we perform.

Benefit of Supplication

We as Muslims should believe that for us every task is a source of blessing. We can change a small task into a source of blessing by reading Masnoon dua at the beginning and the end of the task. The whole duration becomes an ibadat. Our small kids need to be learned Masnoon dua in Hindi or English so that it becomes a part of their daily life. We as Muslims should follow the sunnah of our prophet. Masnoon duain for a child helps them to stay away from shayateen. So we have to seek refuge from Allah (SWT) as guided by Prophet (SAW).

We get several Duas from Holy Quran. Quran has many Masnoon Duas in Urdu of previous prophets, and we are guided by the Hadith of our prophet as a when to read those surahs. From Hadith, we get many Masnoon dua. Duas to recite for our protection from evils and unseen events. It includes bedtime prayers ad well as Dua e Hajat and after namaz supplication.

We should practice all Masnoon Duas and make it a habit, especially for younger kids. They are our asset and we should secure them, with the help of Masnoon Duas with translation it safeguards and protects them from all evil and misfortunes

ONLINE Masoon Duas in URDU with Translation

Learning Supplication online is a great source of blessing in areas such as in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other Western Countries, where students do not have time after whole day secular studies. Kids can learn supplication online. These Masnoon Duas are from authentic hadiths books. They include eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up, going in and leaving of washroom, house, and masjid. Masnoon dua after namaz, Ramazan ki Masnoon Duain and other supplications of normal life and for life in Ramadan. Masnoon dua for sneezing and many more. Our teachers make the constant effort to make them learn these Duas and it required constant effort which is provided by our teachers. We have qualified and practicing teachers who know very well about Masnoon Duain with Urdu and English translation.

Why We

By reciting Masnoon Dua’s we do not only safeguard ourselves but also protect our close ones from facing any kind of difficult times. Allah benefits and secures them here and for the world hereafter to those who recite it regularly. If we plan to spend life according to Islam, then each Masnoon dua plays an important role for us to get connected to our creator all the time.

The Masnoon Dua section is for all students and this comes along with all the courses be it a Tajweed course, Quran translation, or Islamic Studies. These Duas are very important for our lives. They play an essential role to attract Allah’s blessing. This is the reason it has given a special place in our online academy and it has been a mandatory section for all courses. But this portion can be taken separately also for those who are done with Tajweed and Quran Recitation.


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